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Project BluePrints is a series of virtual sensory art + aromatherapy stress management workshops that promote self-care. Learn more about Project BluePrints success at disrupting, reducing and transforming stress

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A.M. Talley is a Jamaican heArtist, army veteran, former addictions counselor turned Self-care Practitioner, Natural Skin Care Product Developer, Stress Management Group Facilitator and Mentor. Her work is sensory art and aromatherapy focused, ideal for participants to articulate personal wellness and well-being recovery goals in her top stress management course, Project BluePrints.

Coach A.M. skillfully blends sensory art, aromatherapy & natural skin care plus the psychology of self-care with a bit of Jamaican flair. She is the brainchild of the eMotional SH!T Show podcastNativeSelf Care Labs | Stress Recycling Center of heArts web app, The Sk!n Food Store, the heArt & butta Aromatherapy Finga Paint Pop up and the heArt workshop Symposium Brands.

Imagination borders reality...not the other way around--A.M.


For Individuals:

When I want to relax I finger paint. I A.M. is a very close friend and shared this sensorial experience with me, and it has been awesome experience.  So a few weeks ago my sister and I had our own paint and sip. I Love her so much. I’m sharing her creation there are no mistakes in .heART. It was beautiful no stencil, just what's in our heart at that time. 

-Zelma H.

The Visually Impaired:

It honestly took me a while to process what I experienced on Friday. When I was a kid I used to like to paint, but when I loss  my  sight  in my late teens I thought that painting was never going to be accessible to me anymore. Painting for me was a way to express my emotions and cope with life. Thus, believing that I could not longer paint made me feel incomplete.  It was not until BlindConnect put together a self-care/painting workshop that  I was able to reconnect with that part of me.   The workshop not only helped  me to realize that blindness does not have to limit my creativity,  but also it allowed me to process many thoughts and emotions that I was struggling with. I want to thank all the wonderful staff and volunteers off BlindConnect for your great mission and vision.
-Pedro N.

Organizations and Teams:

You are absolutely perfect at what you do. I was standing in the back of the room while you were facilitating crying my eyes out. It was incredible, beautiful, moving and powerful! I love you  and we are super honored that you have chosen to give back with BlindConnect as your cause.

-Raquel O'niell: President of BlindConnect

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